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    SOTW Rules

    SOTW Rules CL9EE

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    SOTW Rules Empty SOTW Rules

    Post by Shadow on Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:21 pm

    SOTW is Signature of the Week. It is a weekly contest. The signature that wins each week will be placed in the SOTW Hall of Fame as well as get the SOTW Award and some Lira to boot.

    The contest starts every Saturday and runs up to Friday. You have to PM your submission to Shadow. Submissions on the last day(Friday) will be excluded. The exact dates will always be mentioned in the SOTW thread. The winner of the contest will be decided through a poll.

    The Rules

    • Maximum size for signatures is 500x200 pixels.

    • All submissions must be hand made/made by the one who submits it.

    • Don't copy other people's work.

    • A user can only submit 3 of their works.

    • The submissions have to be connected to the given theme/topic.

    • Don't put your signature/sign into your image. It will be anonymous and will be revealed after the voting.


    You may not ask others to vote for you as it will be anonymous.


    SOTW Rules O33dt
    • The winners will be awarded the SOTW award.

    You earn it for the first time you win.
    You can earn it again if you win 3 times.
    You can earn it again if you win 6 times.

    • The winner will also get 500 Lira.

    You can suggest themes here.

    SOTW Rules OHE7B

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