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    Chatbox Rules

    Chatbox Rules CL9EE

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    Chatbox Rules Empty Chatbox Rules

    Post by Shadow on Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:40 pm

    Chatbox Rules

    Below are the rules that everyone need to follow when chatting using the chatbox. Make sure you avoid breaking the rules.

    • You MUST NOT advertise other site on the chatbox! You will be probated for a while if that happens, but if you are a new will be warned.

    • Threatening, Abusing, or any other kind of unfriendly behavior will earn you a probation or sometimes, a ban!

    • You should NOT speak in any language other than English!

    • Respect one another.Discrimination is unacceptable!

    Moderators will be online and will always keep a watch on what happens in the c-box so watch out! Wink
    Oh..and if there isn't any moderator or administrator online, please take a screenshot, and report it to an admin/mod and they will take action. You will also receive a reward of 200 Lira.

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