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    Forum Rules CL9EE

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    Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

    Post by Shadow on Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:54 pm

    Forum Rules Ziqj7

    Welcome to KHR Haven! Before you start your career as a Mafia member, make SURE you read through the rules. Don't worry, we will know if you went through the rules or not when you submit your character registrations. If you want a smooth start to your career, I advice you to read through the rules, I repeat, read through the rules. Reading the rules is not an option!

    General Rules

    • Respect each and every member here, even if he does not belong to your Famiglia.

    • Avoid getting into a serious argument with members. You guys can joke around like saying: "get lost man" or "holy that true?" None of that is taken offensive cause, that is normal with friends. If that is not the case, the one who started it will be dealt with accordingly.

    • If someone is threating you, contact an ADMIN or MOD as soon as possible. We don't want any trouble makers in our community and we want to have a smooth, not violent life in our community.

    • This is said everywhere and you should know it by now. Do not SPAM! Posting in threads that are unrelated, or posting the same post continuously is considered spam and the violator will be dealt with by an admin or mod.

    • If any MOD or ADMIN is treating you indifferently, first talk to that person so that he knows what he is doing is unfair. If the actions still continue, contact me and I will have a talk with him Wink

    • Do not double post unless when role-playing or areas that allow double posting. If it is done anywhere else, it is considered a crime and you will be given a warning.


    • First off, you cannot role-play unless your character registration has been approved. Wait patiently until the first step is done. Role-Playing without an approved character will first get a verbal warning. If he still ignores the warning, his character approval will be delayed.

    • You cannot kill characters without the character's creators' permission. If he does give you permission and the character ends up dying, the creator will have to submit another character registration from scratch.

    • You can only have 1 Character per account. If your character ends up dying, you re-submit your character registration, BUT this can only be done three times per account so it is best if you avoid the option of killing your character.

    • Your RP has to be more than 5 sentences. Its not a big deal if it less than 5 but make it realistic. It won't be fun if you post: "I attack with X Burner!" This is just too simple and boring. Add some description and make your RP epic. Ex: "As I flew back, I almost lost my consciousness, but my determination to save Kyoko-chan was just too strong. Without knowing where the enemy was, I had just one option left, and that was to use my new move, the X-Burner!" Now, this might not be too good, but it has to be like this or make it even better.

    • While battling, you cannot dodge each move, cause that is just wrong! You cannot keep attacking either! This has to be realistic, if not, what is the point? Add this to you character registration in the MAGIC WORD section:: "Tenth Generation Vongola Boss"

    • Have fun! RPG is for users to have fun and not to be too tense. I am a beginner at role-playing but I try my best to keep up with everyone else.

    User Names

    • Please make sure your User Name is the name of your Character, if it isn't, it will be changed to the name of your Character.

    • User Name changes however will be held from time to time and will cost you money to change it. For more info , check here


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