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    Lambo Mission! leon


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    Lambo Mission! leon Empty Lambo Mission! leon

    Post by Leon on Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:32 pm

    Kazegawa Leon had left his house to give a brief tour, had returned from school 1 hour. Still happy with the events of two daysago when he had received a strange letter from his "uncle" Tony, aflame burned in it! It was very strange! The sooner your questionshad been healed was a letter from the Vongola mafia family!

    It seems that (someone) in this powerful family is helping Leon, of course the young man with folded arms and would surely return the favor. So he decides to go visit a friend who had arranged to goflirt with some girls in the street, the young favorite program on Fridays!

    Soon he turns the corner and passes in front of a beautiful housewhich he personally would like to live in, straightened his jacketsmiling he felt that today was his lucky day, maybe the love of hislife would not appear ne?
    He left to time, and begins to look at that house (Tsuna's house).

    I looked at the clock as well! It was late! My program would soon começar.cosei head slightly as a sign of concern.
    "Ahhh, miki-chan will be there too! we'll take an earful of those! Haha! "

    I thought about my situation excruciatingly atual.Então go out after a good look at the house of Sawada, when something touches me in the back throwing me down!
    Lambo-puupuu! Pa pa paa! Hehehehehheee-

    Leon-ahhhh! Come back here boy! -

    After hitting the ground with his face that tell by the way too hard, trying to kill an angry stand up quickly when he saw a boy dressed in cow suit! And he was running away.
    Laon-rude! I'll call your parents!

    At this point the top of the wall is present a seemingly gentle figure, dressed in red and with a small and cute ponytail, another baby had appeared and this was directed at me.
    Ipin-lick, lick! Please help ipin get back lick, mom to be sad if he runs away! -
    The request of the noble drink, came into my heart that soon became pensive, can not leave me now I'm involved in all of the Vongola! More my noble heart would not let me go, I accepted the request of the young ipin with a nod and the words hope.

    Leon he will bring us ... .. lam lam ne lick? Do not worry -

    Ipin-thanks! My name is ipin! Come on!

    With the small ipin on my shoulder, I followed the noisy cries of the little cow thinking "he does not know will be quiet?". But I and my little companion followed him to a playground, we hid behind a wall while the thought of a way to stop it.

    The watched for about 20 min., While the boy named lick played happily on the slide, playing in the sandbox and other brinquedos.então decided to attack him by surprise, ipin cleverly hides in a tree! Yes, our plan was to ambush lick on the tree and gets it! Quickly appears in front of and lick for a minute I forget the plan and try to get it! Plus it was more slippery than soap.
    The cow jumped incredibly skilled and mind began to heal out of me, or the eye with confidence that I felt was not being myself.

    Leon-haa! It is not easy to get you more varemos! So one thing ... lick-chan! Say cheese! -
    I let out a lie Kabul, innocent little boy took his little finger to his mouth, he looked around innocently looking for the bird, and that was my moment! I run all the forces as possible! To intercept it over yet he notices me and jumps back! Discouraged? Not happy!
    Now lick the feet of the tree fall and ipin xaolin rode a reflection on him! I'm going to meet the two and secure the arms to lick.

    Leon-Lambo-chan go home your mama was grieved .-

    Ipin truth-lick! Truth! -

    Lick-lick mama do not want to sad, back-lick

    Then after the incident I lick and ipin walking back, and in fact this power of expression since they came back in my lap better to say (I've been back) to return home from Sawada, meet the lady who kindly Sawada offered a snack. As I am not a fool I accepted and I was also happy to meet you, what day, what a day!
    After that I say farewell to everyone and go home, when suddenly my phone and my friend toca.Era miki-chan! They were giving me an earful! I had completely forgotten the commitment! Okay ... we can go another day ..

    Leon-the work of a mafia never ends ...-


    Mission Name: Missing Lambo
    Mission Class: Easy
    Mission Objective: Lambo was playing with I-pin when an ice cream truck passed by in front of Tsuna's house. Lambo ran after it and is now missing. You have to find him. How you do it all up to you.
    Mission Reward: 100 Lira + 10 DP
    Lambo Mission! leon CL9EE

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    Lambo Mission! leon Empty Re: Lambo Mission! leon

    Post by Shadow on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:12 pm

    You've put a lot of work into it, but try to use a different translator next time. It is kind of hard to read and understand it, but I'll give you my approval!

    btw, please generate your character sheet.

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