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    Dying Will Flames

    Dying Will Flames CL9EE

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    Dying Will Flames Empty Dying Will Flames

    Post by Shadow on Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:25 pm

    Dying Will Flames

    Dying Will Flames are considered the symbol of the Underground World. Dying Will Flames are the source of someone’s power. The Flames are high-density form of energy. There are seven different flame attributes with its own special characteristics. These flames are known as the “Seven Flames of the Sky”.

    Sky (Cielo)
    Color: Orange
    Characteristic: Armonia (調和 chouwa lit. harmony)
    Japanese Translation: Oozora (大空)
    Ability: Assimilation with the surrounding

    Storm (Tempesta)
    Color: Red Storm Flame
    Characteristic: Disintegrazione (分解 bunkai lit. disintegration)
    Japanese Translation: Arashi (嵐)
    Ability: Disintegration

    Rain (Pioggia)
    Color: Blue
    Characteristic: Calma (鎮静 chinsei lit. tranquility)
    Japanese Translation: Ame (雨)
    Ability: Appeasement and dulling

    Sun (Sereno)
    Color: Yellow
    Characteristic: Attivita (活性 kassei lit. activity)
    Japanese Translation: Hare (晴)
    Ability: Stimulating and augmenting

    Lightning (Fulmine)
    Color: Green
    Characteristic: Indurimento (硬化 kouka lit. hardening)
    Japanese Translation: Kaminari (雷)

    Cloud (Nuvola)
    Color: Purple
    Characteristic: Riproduzione (増殖 zoushoku lit. propagation)
    Japanese Translation: Kumo (雲)
    Ability: Reproduction and growth

    Mist (Nebbia)
    Color: Indigo
    Characteristic: Costruzione (構築 kouchiku lit. construction)
    Japanese Translation: Kiri (霧)

    Dying Will Flames are used to open Box Weapons which hold all the weapons. Read more about Box Weapons here.

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