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    Train, Improve, and get BUFF!


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    Train, Improve, and get BUFF! Empty Train, Improve, and get BUFF!

    Post by Akegata on Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:30 pm

    This is the place where all you little weaklings can go to get strong! Just create a topic in this board and get your butt to work!

    The type of training generally associated with this area is simply Flame Quality training. Now, this can be done a Variety of ways, such as repeatedly opening assorted box weapons until you can no longer move, using the flames to alter the attributes of a weapon, or manipulating and contorting the flames constantly. What you do isn't the important part. What is, you ask?

    [1. Detail] Anyone can say "I manipulate my flame for hours until I'm so exhausted I can't move". Adding detail adds a unique lilt to your character, and make for a better read.

    [2. Creativity] Can you do the exact training I just described? Sure, but it wouldn't be very fun to read. You have to fully immerse yourself in your character, and make everything you do unique to your character. Do that, and things will get interesting.

    [3. Grammar] Grammar is one of the most important things to someone that finds RP important. Pull out a Dictionary and Thesaurus if you have to, but don't write like you text or even speak. Follow the grammatical rules to the tee. This is a biggy.

    [4. Post Length] While this falls below the others in terms of necessity, you will find it coming about by accident once you start following the rules above. If you write with the strict intention of getting the most words, you might as well not even post it. Still try, though.

    Combine all of these things, and you have the basis on which Training posts will be judged. With each Category having a scoring system of 0.25-1, the combined score will decide the amount of EP that goes to your flame.

    Now go, start posting, and when you finish let a Moderator or Admin know and it will be promptly judged.

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