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    Riposare per gli stanchi [Closed]


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    Post by Akegata on Thu Jun 30, 2011 6:55 pm

    Light begins to fade from the Azure sky as Akegata finally makes his way to his room on the top floor of a run-down inn. As white dress shoes click elegantly on the concrete steps leading to room 652, Akegata would review the moments that had now passed him by. Turning the knob and walking into the darkened room, the image of the waitress from earlier crossed his mind, her smile radiant and gorgeous. He would have to give her a call before the night was out. With a sigh, the Sanguigno would slip out of his coat before tossing it across the bed before loosening his scarlet tie and undoing the top button of the silken ebony shirt as he sits down in the rickety chair in front of the old-model telephone. Dialing an extension outside of Japan, the man would wait patiently until a familiar voice would speak on the other side of the line. It was only now that the Italian would slip into his old language, his speech fluent and poetic.
    "Padre, l'infiltrazione della Vongola è in corso. Mi ha rivelato solo leggermente, ma lo ha dato il mio nome. Se ha accesso alle informazioni della sua famiglia, lui mi ha fatto scoprire in fretta. Ora è il momento di agire. Io sono diventato un membro della sua cerchia, e distruggerlo dal suo interno. La Vongola è caduta, e il Sanguigno è REGOLA!"
    Then, after listening to a few simple instructions, Akegata would place the phone back on the hook before turning to a single black box resting upon the desk. Opening it, he would find two clips resting on a bedding of silk. Cursing the economy that limited his resources so, he would load his weapons before pulling out the number he obtained from the waitress and dialing the number. The night would be a nice one, and his infiltration of the Vongola would begin with the rising of the sun.

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