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    Bullet System

    Bullet System CL9EE

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    Bullet System Empty Bullet System

    Post by Shadow on Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:29 pm

    This system is a quite easy system to keep count of how many bullets you used and how many bullets remaining. It is done manually though. Look at the example below for a view of how the bullet system is going to work.

    [This is a scene in a battle]


    Shadow was ready to throw his life away for the sake of his comrades but more than anything else, he wanted to kill "Byakuran" for what he did to Nanimori. Nanimori was nothing like it once was, everything destroyed and no sign of life anywhere. Shadow wanted to get rid of that ugly smirk off of Byakuran's face. Shadow took out his hand gun, aimed at Byakuran's head and pulled the trigger.

    Bullets Remaining: 24
    Bullets Used: 1
    Total Bullets: 25


    Byakuran stood still looking over towards Shadow when he pulled the trigger, but his shot was simple enough for anyone to dodge. Byakuran easily dodged his shot and rushed towards Shadow to cut him with his sword. Appearing right before Shadow, he mercilessly slashed his sword towards his face.


    Shadow couldn't believe that Byakuran had this much strength left in him and he couldn't even count how many seconds it took for Byakuran to appear in front of him. Thanks to Shadows' instincts, he was able to bring out his handgun to where the sword had struck and that saved his life. Shadow flew back after the powerful blow but still managed to shoot two bullets while flying back.

    Bullets Remaining: 22
    Bullets Used: 3
    Total Bullets: 25

    This is the basic concept. If you still have any questions, feel free to PM me.

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