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    Broken Truths; Big Cat and Fictional Canine RP


    Broken Truths; Big Cat and Fictional Canine RP Empty Broken Truths; Big Cat and Fictional Canine RP

    Post by BT ADMIN on Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:03 pm

    Broken Truths; Big Cat and Fictional Canine RP Brokentruthsbanner2-1
    Be sure to read the other plots, or else your biography may be filled with unacceptable history.

    The war is over, and with a broken, bloody Zonta reeling on its paws the future is just as unsure as before. Akando has lost, and with it they lost their comrad, Ende. The German military hunkers in its own territory, licking its wounds and waiting. With the water war over they have only one hope; remove Ezhno from the picture. Take as much as they can. Akando is a danger in its anger, and the careful, clever minds of Ende need him gone. The plot has begun for assassination.

    Mildew and toxins float about in the air, poisoning all those who breath. There is no escape from the feuding prides. Loners are drug into territorial shows of strength. An angry Ezhno rages in his home, and a deadly Symphony plots in his own. Alphonse has much to live up to in his new state of Alpha. Can Zonta last with two cubs at its helm? Or will it suffocate under the blanket of fumes?

    Outside of the pride's quarreling, a new leader has risen. A religious leader with no preference for Dio or Skoll. His views are held in black magic and the occult. He holds claims of great power, and states quite readily that his God, though cruel and violent, will bring the rain. Dangerous and manipulative the Voodoo man finds his power in control. As more felines fall under the Liger's sphere of influence, the peace leaders must begin their fight. They are loosing the crusade.

    This supposed Voodoo man is taking away the loyal ones, as those unsure creatures turn to the new promise. Water. Rain. That is what the land needs, what every beast cries out for. It is not forth coming. What force holds back the rain refuses to relinquish its hold. Maybe it's punishment, and in that thought many flinch away from the known deities and turn to new promises. There is no hiding from the implications. Dio is loosing his mastery, and the peace leaders must respond. A war of words is soon to begin. A war of thoughts and beliefs. Morals. Wars based on morals have always been the bloodiest.

    Farther out, in a clearing half caged by canyons and guarded by pines a very different sort of war is soon to begin. The folami are on the brink of civil war. Those loyal to Carska, and what she represents. Family, protection, love. These things that have ripened before Bidziil's kidnapping and solidified during. And those who stand beside the Alpha. A Bidziil who has been returned cold and broken. He who claims every right to the throne, and who cares not for love or family. A real folami, right down to the human hands fish hooked into his brain.

    Tension glows in the hurt and furious ex-alphess' mind. Those loyal to her, and to the warmth of her rulings have separated themselves out. The lines are being drawn, and the sand is about to erupt into flames. When the loyals split away war is guaranteed. But who are the loyals? What is the right side, in a war between brothers? Between sisters and friends and mates?

    All across the land the sand is being split by a hundred lines. A maze of choices arise and with their convoluted points a maze of realities. The world is about to tip into hell, are you ready for the plunge?
    Family like atmosphere.
    Folami Canines available.
    Active community.
    Flexible plot.
    OOC discussions, games, and quizzes.

    Broken Truths; Big Cat and Fictional Canine RP Empty Broken Truths; Big Cat and Fictional Canine RP

    Post by BT ADMIN on Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:04 pm

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