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    The Mafia Cup!

    The Mafia Cup! CL9EE

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    The Mafia Cup! Empty The Mafia Cup!

    Post by Shadow on Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:17 pm

    The Mafia Cup

    The Mafia Cup is a tournament held every month to determine which of the two families is the stronger one is. This tournament involves the daily commitment of a user/character to what he does here, the ability of users to role-play; the individual strength of characters when it comes down to battles, etc. The Mafia Cup points will be posted on a Points Box displayed on the portal. The Mafia Cup points are determined from the total duel points of the two families. The counting has to be done by the family members are mailed to me. I will then double check the duel points to make everything is alright, then the family to get the mafia cup will be decided. The Mafia Cup is displayed below.

    The Mafia Cup! Nnf6C

    The Mafia Cup! OHE7B

    Bullets Remaining: 83
    Bullets Used: 8
    Total Bullets: 100

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